• Fruit & Vegetable Art

    Nothing is tastier than a bite of edible art…

  • Earth Wave

    Ready for an alternate reality…

  • Chicken Lips

  • Get Your Head Out of the Sand

  • Sunset Piano Opus Two for Twelve Pianos

    We just donated to this beautiful Kickstarter Campaign called Sunset Piano Opus Two.

    In early July, Mauro is planning to deploy twelve pianos at select locations along the beautiful San Mateo coastline. Anyone can come and play a piano by the sea, anytime.

    Mauro is inviting some incredible bay area musicians to join him in bringing attention to the fragile state of the world’s oceans, as well as the near extinction of the “personal” piano. Piano manufacturing has dwindled, and the neglect of acoustic pianos has caused thousands of them to end up in landfills. The “Twelve Pianos” project will focus the spotlight on two species with uncertain futures.

  • “Stay Alight” is Gorgeous to Look At

    Created by Russia-based Wyse Games, this is a stunning new physics-based game for the iPhone and iPad. Just take a look!

    Stay Alight was built using the Corona Framework https://www.coronalabs.com/

  • Food for Thought… Mind Sculptures You Can Digest

    At LavaMind, we just love Sara Asnaghi’s brainy food sculptures.

    These are part of her series called What have you got in your head? Eating any of these will surely boost your IQ.

    Too see more of these delectable pieces of art, visit Sara’s website.

  • “Towel Tim” by Ilot Beton

    Check out this indie action/platform game for iOS and Android phones and tablets. It’s gameplay comes from classical platformers and is tweaked to fit on multi-touch devices. You’ll control Tim, who’s been abducted by alien robots, and who has to save Earth from its doom… wearing a towel and nothing else.

  • “Money Bunny Blues” by Ellen Coons

    “Money Bunny Blues” was created by Ellen Coons of Detroit’s College for Creative Studies. This stop motion short is both quirky and idiosyncratic. We love Ellen’s handmade universe replete with coins, fruit and household objects, like candy, playing cards, etc.

  • Brats by Ian Cheng

    Ian Cheng’s creative use of motion capture is a lot of fun. Cheng says of his first commissioned piece:

    “For Brats, I used a familiar animated narrative– hapless hunter vs. terroristic rabbit– as a format to grow a garden of signature motions. This collection of motions becomes material to recompose a new non-narrative choreography that animates the bodies of Liars. The Brats video documents this entropic haunting– from the ingredients of familiar meaning arises the terror of reckless non-meaning. A dog wanders indifferently through the animation, true to its nature.”