• Spinning Art

  • “Mooon” by James Kwan

  • “Money Bunny Blues” by Ellen Coons

    “Money Bunny Blues” was created by Ellen Coons of Detroit’s College for Creative Studies. This stop motion short is both quirky and idiosyncratic. We love Ellen’s handmade universe replete with coins, fruit and household objects, like candy, playing cards, etc.

  • Brats by Ian Cheng

    Ian Cheng’s creative use of motion capture is a lot of fun. Cheng says of his first commissioned piece:

    “For Brats, I used a familiar animated narrative– hapless hunter vs. terroristic rabbit– as a format to grow a garden of signature motions. This collection of motions becomes material to recompose a new non-narrative choreography that animates the bodies of Liars. The Brats video documents this entropic haunting– from the ingredients of familiar meaning arises the terror of reckless non-meaning. A dog wanders indifferently through the animation, true to its nature.”

  • Tap To Retry by Neta Cohen

    We’re seeing a lot of good animations coming out of Israel these days! Neta Cohen’s wild “Tap To Retry” is a wonderful mix of stop-motion paper and dazzling eye-candy. Cohen graduated from the department of visual communication at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem recently.

  • Skip by Sarah Jolley

    Sarah Jolley, from Vancouver Film School, has just released “Skip” — a fun, little animation with a dash of Buster Keaton.

  • The Playful Whale Trail Theme Song

    The playful Whale Trail sees Gruff declaring, “This is a motivational song, let’s all get along!” This has been inspired by the accompanying iPhone and iPad game of the same name designed and developed by usTwo.

    I’m on the whale trail,
    And I won’t fail whale
    Just set sail
    With heavy tail to the bottom of the clouds

    And when I set sail
    I won’t tell tales
    Without fail
    With abigail
    To the toppermost of the sky

    There ain’t no riots in the sky
    Just a riot of colour
    That will last forever.

  • Halfway by Rayons

    This is an enchanting animation created by Jason Malcolm Brown and Aya Yamasaki Brown (aka Overture) for a Japanese musician named Rayons.

  • Cup of Tea by Fernanda Ribeiro

    Fernanda Ribeiro graduated from the Vancouver Film School’s Classical Animation course. This is her Flash short, which is both cute and nicely executed.

    You can the check out more of her work at

  • Highly Strung by Dave Jones — Giant Puppets Come to Life!

    Australian filmmaker Dave Jones directed a live show the end of last year that combined interactive animated projections with giant puppets. Take a look…

    The performance of Highly Strung featured a giant 14-meter puppet. It took place on the night of October 28th, 2011, during the Nati Frinj festival. The puppet took ten people to operate and had animation (largely created by the children) projected onto it from projectors mounted both on the ground and in the head of the puppet itself.

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