• Highly Strung by Dave Jones — Giant Puppets Come to Life!

    Australian filmmaker Dave Jones directed a live show the end of last year that combined interactive animated projections with giant puppets. Take a look…

    The performance of Highly Strung featured a giant 14-meter puppet. It took place on the night of October 28th, 2011, during the Nati Frinj festival. The puppet took ten people to operate and had animation (largely created by the children) projected onto it from projectors mounted both on the ground and in the head of the puppet itself.

  • SpongeBob’s Pineapple under the Sea is a Mathematical Impossibility

    It’s true, SpongeBob’s pineapple home under the sea is a mathematical impossibility, and not because fruit houses can’t exist underwater. The real reason is because the math on the pineaapple doesn’t add up! Mathematician and video-maker Vi Hart exposes the error in this cartoon’s arithmetic.

  • “Oh Willy…” isn’t your Disney/Pixar flick!

    Oh Willy… is not your typical Disney/Pixar 3D animation. It’s a short film about a porky guy who goes to care for his sick mother who lives in a nudist colony. It’s directed by Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels and debuts at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. Check out the trailer:

  • Asphalt Watches Raises $10k to Complete their Indie Epic

    Canadian cartoonists Seth Scriver and Shayne Ehman just raised over over $10k to complete their animated feature Asphalt Watches. They describe their collaborative two-man animated epic in the following way:

    “Asphalt Watches is a true adventure story: in 2000, we hitchhiked across Canada together. The animation captures our crazy journey, full of hilarious and amazing encounters. Using music and songs we make ourselves, alongside hand-drawn Flash animation, we tell the tale of making our way from a 7-11 near Chilliwack, BC where a guy was hanging out with a knife in his belly… to meeting one of only “two real Santas” in the world outside Calgary… to barely escaping death near Regina, SK. Our style is to turn real-life characters and settings into funny and poetic abstractions that depict the feeling and essence of what happened.”

  • Prologue: The Recurrent One

    Check out Andres Tapeton’s graduation film from the Classical Animation program at the Vancouver Film School. Talk about a bad dream!

  • Ornstein is to Canoeing what Baryshnikov is to Ballet

    Oh, the beauty of his strokes. An oar to be admired. What waves he makes!

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