• Act Boldly


    Uncertainty lies at the core of our existence. The universe is so complex, that nothing can be known with absolute certitude. This is the single fundamental truth that underlies all of history. It’s the only thing we can know for sure. It’s at the root of everything from physics to evolution and economics to love. It’s the creator and destroyer of all things. Our species evolved by chance. We have been on this planet for an instant relative to cosmic history. But already we are on the verge of extinguishing not only ourselves but most life on Earth. There is a reasonable probability humankind won’t be around for the next century and a certainty we won’t be around forever. Why should anyone choose the safe path? There is no safe path. It’s nothing but a myth we tell ourselves. Why not take chances when life itself is a chance occurrence? Our existence is so brief and tenuous that not taking action is far more perilous than acting boldly.

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