• Did You Ever Imagine You Were a Wedge of a Gorgonzola Cheese?

    Did you ever imagine you were a wedge of a gorgonzola cheese?

    I have, and it feels so good…

    I can picture myself now: 100% organic milk flowing through my marbled veins; my flesh exuding an exceptionally full and earthy flavor that coats the driest of tongues. Deep within there lies a rich, creamy texture and slightly piquant flavor: the everlasting refuge of the most ardent gourmands.

    Those with an eye for beauty cannot help but admire my tapestry of elegant, twisted lines. Fresh with the eternal promise of a creamy, pliable interior, I am made for salads and fruit plates, but retain my independence: a spirit free enough to flirt with a zesty enchilada, a bitter pint of beer, or a forlorn cup of custard.

    Life is pungent.

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