LavaMind’s founders have received the following awards for their work:

Verizon Powerful Answers Award
Zapitalism – Winner in Education (LavaMind)

SXSW Awards
JabberChat – Winner of “Best Online Game” (Spiderdance)

SXSW Awards
Weakest Link – Finalist for “Best Online Game” (Spiderdance & NBC)

Webby Award 
Zannel – Best Mobile Social Network (Tap11)

Golden Triad
Gazillionaire – Winner of “Excellence in Design” (LavaMind)

Computer Gaming
Gazillionaire – Finalist “Shareware of the Year” (LavaMind)

PC Computing
Gazillionaire – “Best Strategy Game of the Year” (LavaMind)

webRIOT – Winner of “Best Web Entertainment” (Spiderdance & MTV)

CIE Awards
JabberChat – Winner of “Best of Show” (Spiderdance)

SF Multimedia Summit
Zapitalism – “Innovation in Education” (LavaMind)

3D Graphic Design
Zapitalism – Winner of “Big Kahuna Award” (LavaMind)

Top 50 New Media Producers
Steve Hoffman – Producers Guild of America Digital 50 (LavaMind)

Jeffrey Jones
Vestal Heights – Winner of “Best Screenplay” (LavaMind)

The Bandies
Weakest Link – Winner of “Best 2-Screen iTV” (Spiderdance & NBC)

IBC Awards
webRIOT – Winner of “Best Convergent Format” (Spiderdance & MTV)

Digital Coast Awards
webRIOT – “Best Digital Entertainment” (Spiderdance & MTV)

iMIX Awards
webRIOT – Winner of “Best in Show” (Spiderdance & MTV)

AlwaysOn Hollywood Top 100 List
RocketOn – Top 100 Private Companies (RocketOn)

Who’s Got Game Competition Finalist
RocketOn – “Best Game Startup” GamesBeat 2009 (RocketOn)

The Bandies
Inquizition – Winner of “Best Enhanced TV” (Spiderdance & GSN)