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Profitania is a dynamic business simulation game, where your mission is to become an industrial titan and build a manufacturing empire.

As prices fluctuate in real time, to get ahead, you must buy up the best raw materials before your competitors. By cornering the market, you can manufacture the most valuable products, make a hefty profit, and become a master of industry!


Far Out “Far out, wacky sim with business guts.” – Games Domain

One of a Kind “One undeniable facet of Profitania is that there’s no other non-LavaMind game like it.” – Computer Games Magazine

A+++ “Take my advice and purchase Profitania. You will not be sorry you did. I don’t have a rating system, but if I did, this game would get an A+++!” – Kids Like Ours

85% “It has everything the budding entrepreneur needs to see if he or she can handle the challenge of business and none of the real cash loss if it doesn’t work out.” – Exscape

Surprisingly Fun! “A game with a great sense of humor, pitting a group of silly aliens on a freaky planet against each other in a non-violent, money-making contest. It’s about time.” – Happy Puppy

half star “If you are looking for a humorous but reasonably realistic business/manufacturing simulation then Profitania is a good choice.” – Intelligamer

Fun! “Like its earlier counterparts, it’s simple to learn and offers good, if basic, economic lessons and still better fun.” – PC Games Magazine

84% “With a lot of new added features and the “real-time” market, Profitania makes for a really good single-player or multi-player game. Your eyes will be dancing all over the screen trying to find the best deals on the “live” market.” – GamersEdge

“This is a non-violent game that would be great for the whole family to play.” – Shepherd’s Staff

Real-Time Markets “Profitania is set in a strange but colorful universe. The markets from which you buy your materials operate in realtime, with price fluctuations that make life interesting.” – GameZone

Addicted “Looking for a fun and unusual holiday gift for the financial-minded in your life? A few words of caution–users claim you’ll get addicted.” – Bank Info

“Profitania is a fun, family-oriented business simulation that is easy to learn.” – Christian Answers

Great Game “If you liked the other two great games from LavaMind you are really going to like this one.” – Play Testers

Good Gameplay “Gameplay is easy to pick up and the compulsion to play just one more turn can be quite strong.” – Gone Gold