LavaMind’s founders have worked on many breakthrough entertainment projects:



Online Entertainment

  • RocketOn Virtual World
    Parallel Virtual World (RocketOn)
  • webRIOT
    Online Game / iTV Show (Spiderdance & MTV)
  • Weakest Link
    Online Game / iTV Show (Spiderdance & NBC)
  • No Boundaries
    Online Game / iTV Show (Spiderdance & Warner Bros.)
  • Cyber Bond
    Online Game / iTV Show (Spiderdance & Turner)
  • History IQ
    Online Game / iTV Show (Spiderdance & A&E)
  • Inquizition
    Online Game / iTV Show (Spiderdance & GSN)
  • JabberChat
    Online Game (Spiderdance)

Mobile: iPhone, iPad & Android

  • Spell Gems
    Mobile Word Game (LavaMind)
  • Jackpot Words
    Mobile Word Game (LavaMind)
  • Beetle Bounce
    Mobile Action Arcade Game (LavaMind)
  • Qilroy
    Mobile Social Platfrom on iPhone & Android (Qualcomm)
  • Appzing
    Mobile Advertising Platfrom on iPhone & Android (Appzing)
  • Peggos
    iPhone Puzzle Game (LavaMind)
  • Five Balls
    iPhone Puzzle Game (LavaMind)
  • Wild Recipes
    iPhone App for Cooking (LavaMind)
  • Tic-Tac-Joe
    iPhone Puzzle Game (LavaMind)
  • Tetris Tournament for Prizes
    Multiplayer Mobile Game (Infospace & Tetris Co.)
  • Ms. Pac-Man for Prizes
    Multiplayer Mobile Game (Infospace & Namco)
  • Wheel of Fortune Tournament
    Multiplayer Mobile Game (Infospace & Sony)
  • Frogger for Prizes
    Multiplayer Mobile Game (Infospace & Konami)
  • Hold’em Poker+ for Prizes
    Multiplayer Mobile Game (Infospace & Thwart Poker)
  • Skee-Ball for Prizes
    Multiplayer Mobile Game (Infospace & Skee-Ball)
  • Hotties
    Multiplayer Mobile Social Game (Infospace)
  • Trickshot Pool for Prizes
    Multiplayer Mobile Game (Infospace)
  • AMF Xtreme Bowling for Prizes
    Multiplayer Mobile Game (Infospace & AMF)
  • Pimp My Ride
    Mobile Game (Infospace & MTV)
  • Team Sanchez
    Mobile Game (Infospace & MTV)
  • Tomb Raider
    Mobile Game (Infospace & Eidos)
  • Thief
    Mobile Game (Infospace& Eidos)
  • Hitman
    Mobile Game (Infospace & Eidos)
  • Cubis
    Mobile Game (Infospace & FreshGames)
  • Boulder Dash
    Mobile Game (Infospace & First Star)
  • Super Slyder
    Mobile Game (Infospace & Sandlot)
  • Pamela Anderson Exposed!
    Mobile Game (Infospace)
  • Miami Vice
    Mobile Game (Infospace)
  • Waterballoon Drop
    Mobile Game (Infospace & 3D Joe)
  • X-Files
    Mobile Game (Infospace)
  • Gem Jam Fever
    Mobile Game (Infospace)
  • Dark Eye
    Mobile Game (Infospace)
  • Pub Fight
    Mobile Game (Infospace)
  • Anno 1503 AD
    Mobile Game (Infospace & Sunflowers)
  • Port Royale 2
    Mobile Game (Infospace & Ascaron)
  • BMW Williams F1 Racing
    Mobile Game (Infospace & F1 Racing)

Interactive & Social Media

  • Playkast
    Games & Social TV (Playkast)
  • Zannel
    Social Media App (Tap11)
  • Tap11
    Twitter Analytics & CRM for Businesses (Tap11)
  • Blerp
    Social Media App (RocketOn)
  • Feedy
    Social Media App (RocketOn)
  • History of the United States
    Interactive Video (LucasArts)
  • Ad Age Edge
    Next Gen Ad Service (RG/A & Ad Age)
  • My Home
    Kids Web Portal (RG/A & Sesame Workshop)
  • MetLife’s World
    Life Choices Game (RG/A & MetLife)
  • Magic of Kodak
    Interactive Kiosk (RG/A, Kodak & Disney)
  • Schematic Capture
    Computer Aided Design (GM)
  • Sega’s Megalopolis on AS-1
    Arcade Simulation Ride (Sega)

Video & Computer Games

  • Def Jam Vandetta
    Videa Game (Electronic Arts)
  • Gazillionaire
    Business Simulation Game (LavaMind)
  • Zapitalism
    Business Simulation Game (LavaMind)
  • Profitania
    Business Simulation Game (LavaMind)
  • Serpengo
    Casual Puzzle Game (LavaMind)
  • Marbliss
    Casual Puzzle Game (LavaMind)

Published Books